A versatile media production company dedicated to a superior product that is built the way you want it to look.
We specialize in L.E.D. Sign programs, Logos and we can handle most of your filming needs. Our L.E.D. productions are made just for you & the size of the sign you have.Custom Animations & Optimized photos, NO DISTORTIONS!

This is a little project I did for the Museum in Big Cypress 

Erik Estrada - I have one with us posing together, but it was a really hot day & looks like I'm going to drop. 


Please contact us at: 239-400-0698 or 863-233-2131 

Michael Spinks & the big arm to the right of me belongs to Zues. 


This was my first time in a helicopter, but to my surprise I was strapped to the outside! This picture is used on this website. http://www.seminolewarriors.net/

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